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The Right Way to Teach Your Child to Read

-Logical Phonemic Sequence -
- Easy and Fun to Use -
-Engaging Illustrations -
- Teacher Created -

About Right Start Readers

Right Start Readers are special because they are teacher created stories that follow a logical and scientifically based progression of phonemic skills.  Children will not simply memorize what is on the page, or use the pictures to guess the words.  They will not be overwhelmed with the slow progression of skills require to actually read the words on the page, and will experience the excitement of success!  My experience as a teacher and dyslexia therapist will help ensure your child gets the Right Start when learning to read.

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"I have been searching for this product for years! Stephanie has created what every teacher and parent needs in order to teach their children to read.  I cannot wait to have a full set that I can use in my early childhood classroom.

Dorian Reeves, Early Childhood Teacher

I am so excited to be able to use this resource with my children.  I get so frustrated when I do not know what to buy at the bookstore. I trust Stephanie's expertise and know this product is exactly what our children need to learn to read. 

Jennifer, Mom of 3

I love these books because they allow kids to develop healthy reading habits based on the rules of decoding. We don't need kids learning to memorize words that are way beyond their level, we need them reading Right Start Readers.

Chelsea DiMarzio, Speech-Language Pathologist

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