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About the Author

ACM Stephanie Tsapakis-12.jpg
-Stephanie Tsapakis, Author -

Stephanie is an educator and Dyslexia Therapist who has taught grades 2-12. Unlike many others, Stephanie specializes in teaching students with learning differences, and cultivating strengths in teachers to effectively deliver instruction to this special population. Her passion is teaching students to read, and she wanted to create these special books so that anyone could effectively help their children learn to read.

"I was so frustrated by all the products available to purchase when it was time to teach my oldest daughter to read.  Everything either presented WAY too many rules at one time, making it too overwhelming for the child, or the pictures were absolutely awful.  I hope this series allows parents to bond with their children while teaching them to read by making the experience fun and easy to implement"

Stephanie is the Co-Owner of The LD Expert - a virtual tutoring and dyslexia intervention company that servies students nationwide.  To learn more, visit or follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ld_expert

-Faren Peterson, Illustrator -

Faren describes her vocation in life as an Art Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor - with a heavy emphasis on the Artist part.  Her personal creativity, through painting and digital design, truly helps her to live in this world, to express herself, and to help fellow humans.  She is passionate about helping children and in the past, this was primarily through mental health services. As she continues to grow and evolve as an artist, she hopes to help even more children.

"Children inspire me with their curiosity, inventiveness, playfulness, and compassion. I truly believe in this project and the value in helping today's youth. I'd be honored if you joined us in this pursuit to bring support to students, readers, children with learning differences, and neurodivergent brains to learn and grow. They deserve the best. I'm honored to join this project! "

To follow more of my creative projects and processes in the colorful, messy, world of art, you can find her on Instagram: @StudioFaren 

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