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Give your child the Right Start when learning to read with Right Start Readers.  Stage 1 is for first-time readers ages 4-6 years old.  They will be introduced to all letter and digraph sounds.  Easily decodable three and four letter words make-up short stories featuring adorable animal characters. Right Start Readers are special because they are teacher created stories that follow a logical and scientifically based progression of phonemic skills.  Children will not simply memorize what is on the page, or use the pictures to guess the words.  The slow progression of skills required to read these stories will allow your reader to experience excitement and success reading the first books!


Books 11 & 12 introduce the final early digraph sounds and the concept of bonus letters at the end of certain single-syllable words (f, l, s, and sometimes z). Your reader will now have been taught every short vowel sound, all consonant sounds, and digraph sounds. These concepts are all of the rules for reading and spelling closed syllable CVC words. You will also get to know the characters more and more as you continue reading through the entire series.

Stage 1 - Books 13 & 14

SKU: 0007
  • Reading level: First-time reader

    Age range: 4-6 years old

    Educational level: preschool and kindergarten

    Educational setting: Classroom, homeschool, or parent-led practice

    Skills introduced:
    Vowel sounds - short o

    Consonant sounds - d, l, w, x, y, and z


    Series Information:

    Stage 1 - First-Time Readers

    Stage 2 - Emerging Readers

    Stage 3 - Developing Readers

    Stage 4 - Advanced Readers

    Stage 5 - Fluent Readers

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